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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  September 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> it was around 3:30 monday morning. he was walking with his brother between sullivan and montgomery streets when two groups started fighting. police say at least 16 shots were fired. the recovered shell casings all 9mm. investigators say one gunman was shooting from the street. a second gunman fired from the abbotts field patio and he was caught in the crossfire. mayor de blasio says this shooting intensifies the need for more gun control. >> in the city we will fight every day. we will use every tool we have to deprive criminals of guns. but we need a bigger change in this had nation if we are going to finally ensure that guns don't flow freely across state borders and into the wrong hands. >> reporter: gabay a harvard educated lawyer has served adds council to governor cuomo since 2011. cuomo visited gabay at kings county hospital and says this tragedy is very personal to him. >> as with the family and the
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tears and the frustration and i'm governor of the state of new york and there is nothing i can say. and there is nothing i can do. and sometimes it just hurts. >> reporter: and right now police are looking through surveillance video from the abbotts fieldhouses opening to identify the gunman. they recovered a gun from the scene, but it's not clear if it was involved in this shooting. again carey gabay remains on life support. we are told is about to be a father. first child. we are live in crown heights, hazel sanchez, cbs news. >> hazel , thank you. that shooting happened not for from some other violent incidents. police in brooklyn saying a man in his 30s is in serious condition tonight after being stabbed in the torso on lincoln place and rochester avenue in crown heights. stabbed to death. another seriously hurt near where people gathered to celebrate ahead of today's
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annual west indian day parade. a developing story right now. there is a fire growing in the new jersey pine barrens. look at that picture. those flames. the fire spreading more than 100 acres in woodland township. that's near the brendan burn state forest in burlington county. firefighters requesting an air tanker and observation helicopter. so far the fire not threatening any homes or any structures in this part of south jersey. no word how it started. campgrounds in the area of under a fire ban right now because of the extremely dry conditions we are having. and with a moderate drought underway in north new jersey homeowners are being asked to conserve water. well, some people are, but most are not. cbs2's mark morgan shows us the region drying up. >> reporter: pedro reyes of closer says he normally waters his yard five times a week but has cut that to once a week following a phone call his wife received from united water asking the reyes family to
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limit their usage:basically, to not use the sprinkler system and conserve water. that's the general message. dying. the plants is dying. >> reporter: reyes told me the the request may become mandatory if the drought gets much worse. here is what parts of new are facing. according to the national weather service five new jersey counties are suffering from moderate drought conditions. middlesex. in bergen county this is the condition of many of the yards that we've seen. dry, parched, and brown. the droughts' effects are everywhere. look at this resident investigator in harrington park. the water level is so low deer be. mark george says the dry conditions are among the worst he has seen in the last decade. >> it's so hot at night that everything just evaporates. i am trying to keep the bushes
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alive at this point. >> reporter: what new jersey residents need is relief in the form of a good soaking rain. but they haven't seen that type of downpour for months. in bergen county, new jersey, mark morgan, cbs2 news. >> there is some rain in the forecast for later this week, but will it be enough to help these dry conditions? cbs2 meteorologist elise finch in for lonnie quinn tonight i can't remember the last time it did rain. it's been nearly three weeks since we had a significant measurable rainfall. take a look at where we stand on the year. where is all of the rain that we need? well, since june 1st just over 11 inches of rain. but still that puts us just over three inches below normal. below where we should be. and it certainly matters when you take a look at reservoir levels according to united water. the average across the state of new jersey, not just northern new jersey, at 62% capacity. new york city resident various at 83%.
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long island quack officers aquifers moderate. we have a chance to get rain not today, not tomorrow. heading into wednesday hev a you notice widely scattered showers and a few pop-up thunderstorms. it's not the huge soaking we would love to see. the other problem we have is in addition to the fact that we have a chance for rain but not as much as we need, we are also going to to have some roasting baking heat between now and then. tomorrow we have sunny skies once again. great for getting outside. not so great for a drought. near record heat. 93 degrees. we will talk about the rain that see. >> see you in a few minutes. right now to the growing migrant crisis across europe. both france and britain have pledged to take in thousands of refugees. germany, as we know, already accepting many who survive the dangerous journey to get there. but how is our area responding? cbs2's jennifer mclogan with a story from rockville center.
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>> reporter: bells tolled at the cathedral as catholics received word from the pope. he urged the world to open its arms to refugees fleeing death from civil war or hunger. >> as a catholic we are so happy that the pope has made that commitment before the world and that the world is able to listen to his message. >> people in need. you got to suppose. >> reporter: many say their eyes are now open to the crisis as video pours in showing the agony. nearly 3,000 perishing. many women and children drowning in the sea crossing the mediterranean from north africa. >> seeing a children's dead body floating into the water, it's heartbreaking. doesn't matter which religious group they are. >> reporter: he says despite religious differences, muslim asylum seekers need immediate aid and congressman peter king agrees there must be compassion. >> the reality is when you have
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isis and al-qaeda in syria, we have no way of knowing which of the refugees are real, which al-qaeda. is fair. so is giving their relatives a chance at new life. we are praying for them every day to have -- to get them the good life. >> reporter: the president of the islamic center of long island with many members from syria says the solution is healing. >> just to see the welcoming all over upand here, and just how people are gracious and kind. and that's what basically religion is. >> reporter: after the pope called this a bibly cal movement of refugees, local community and religious leaders have begun fundraising and offering homes. >> the international organization for migration says nearly 365,000 migrants have arrived in europe.
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that's so far this year. leading a delegation of state and city politicians governor cuomo making his way to puerto rico today. the governor tweeted this photo from his airplane. he referred to the trip as a solidarity mission. the new york lawmakers are set to meet with puerto rican leaders to discuss the territories economic and healthcare crises. puerto rico's financial crisis has pushed the island to the verge of bankruptcy. there is a big change at the busiest bus terminal in the country. and that brings the potential for commuter chaos first thing tomorrow because that is when it all starts tomorrow morning. cbs2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: port authority bus terminal passengers who go on auto pilot straight it their usual gate may face a detour starting tuesday. about one-third of gate assignments are changing. your usual gate on the third floor might become your new gate on the fourth floor. they have put up 500 posters,
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signs, and banners and handed out 75,000 flyers. all to inform 110,000 daily commuters of the impending changes. the port authority is rethinking how resources are deployed at the pt and moving gates around to decrease the traffic jams on the bus ramps that slow down operations. > >> we are consolidating the operations to got them better command and control over their bus operations to improve the efficiency of their operation. >> reporter: the third floor will now be dedicated entirely to new jersey transit which accounts for 60% of terminal traffic. the four lines associated with coach u.s.a. will move their gates to the fourth floor. all the changes are listed on the port authority website. >> it's been on the news. so i would assume that most people know. but i'm sure there will be a lot of people who are surprised, who were away for the labor day weekend. >> reporter: the port authority will have ambassadors here on tuesday to help passengers is navigate the changes. because these are departure
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gate changes, the biggest impact is for evening rush hour. tony aiello, cbs2 news. >> the gate reconfiguration is the bus terminal. the port authority figures out how terminal replacement project. for more go to a hero dog takes a bullet for his owner. now the dog needs someone to ten up for him. can you help kiko find a new home no and celebrating labor day. so many people taking to the beach for the unofficial last day of summer. we will have a like report from the jersey shore. and we certainly weren't the only ones out there. look at this. a shark sighted on one beach. we will show it where it washed ashore. we will be right back here at
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a. a hero dog needs a home owner's life. this is kiko in 2012. deliveryman tried to push his way into kiko's home in staten island. the dog rushing past his owner, attacking the man and then the
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man shot the dog in the head. 13-year-old kiko recovered. can no longer take care of him. if you would like to adopt kiko we have more information on our website more and more dogs are being rush today emergency clinics after eating marijuana. california leads the nation in claims. washington number two. new york coming in number three followed by colorado. experts say dogs left untreated after ingesting pot can suffer serious consequences, including coma and even death. the sights and sounds of summertime. officially, unofficially wrapping up with labor day weekend. children start heading back to school. vacations come to an end. today families stretch out one more beautiful summer day. chistine sloan with more.
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>> reporter: the jersey shore, the crowds may be thinning out, but, gosh, what a day it has been. but for many, especially the little kids, it has been a summer filled with lots of memories. what did you do? >> i went to does any and i went to all the different kind of amusement parks. >> reporter: what have you been doing all summer? >> mostly played with my toys and watching tv. >> reporter: aingeing out and fun on the sand unofficially over. the town of belmar making sure to thank everyone with a free beach day. >> we came for a bike ride. go for a dip. today. >> reporter: beach badges cost as much as eight bucks a day. from the splashing around in the water, the volleyball and to this new toddler sport, labor day a day to remember. >> what was he doing? >> he likes to jump in the pulled . >> reporter: dolphins swimming
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in the ocean, putting on a show for beachgoers. another adorable sight. these russian visitors with their baby mia say the jersey shore is the best. sea. but the beaches over here are way cleaner and the weather is more warm. the beachfront this year. >> reporter: the reason belmar is giving back, the great weather in july and august giving businesses still recovering from superstorm a boost. banner, but very strong. we didn't lose the rain in the springtime, it would have been a banner season for sure. belmar, new jersey, folks staying close to the shore because there are no lifeguards dana, good-bye, summer. it's been a great summer. and a lot of festivals are scheduled this sent up and down the jersey shore. so come on down. live in well mar, new jersey, chistine sloan, cbs2 news. >> she looks beautiful.
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thank you, christine. great day. is a shark sighting scared some people out of the water at long island's beach. one of the beaches. here is the video we have. brown shark. it quickly attracted a crowd. many taking pictures. the beachgoer released the back into the water. in injuries reported. let's get back to elise with a look at how hot it is and was today when we are going to see some rain, because we need it. we need some rain. bit. we definitely have more heat heading our way before we actually see any bit of rain. let's go ahead and take a live look outside see what we are dealing with right now because it's a nice day out there. we have lots of sunshine. we will call it hazy though. and temperature-wise still mostly sunny. feeling like 87. our high temperature today, well, up to 92. how does that fall in line. past labor days.
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the coolest 53 degrees. 1991. so no record for the day or for labor day itself. but take a look at the temperature trend. they were at 83 on saturday, which really still is far above where we should be. the average we consider normal 77. we were traffic town hall 80s over the weekend. but 92 degrees today. will be a bit warmer tomorrow. so hot and humid on your tuesday as people head back to work or school. temperatures start to fall on wednesday. beyond that we are finally seeing a chance for some soaking. take a look. and radar. impact of high pressure keeping things beautiful for the beach and pool and heading outside. gardens. here is the set-up. a little bit of rain here well to our north and west. that is all in association with a cold front. now, once the cold front passes the area, we will have a chance thunderstorms. and then behind that system we do tap into some cooler air. unfortunately, until that happens things are still incredibly hot. so we are going to watch for at
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least some isolated showers and some thunderstorms heading into wednesday and thursday. how much rain do we get out of it? the answer for most of us is not enough. so maybe a half of an inch as we continue to move down to the jersey shore. trenton might get two inches out of the system. toms river could be a lucky area, if you consider it lucky, in terms of drought we could get two, three, four inches. these are early estimates. for the rest of us doesn't do much to help the drought conditions, our dry conditions. what we do get, more of that heat. check it out. we are at 93 degrees tomorrow. and that is the record for the 93. so we will be tying a record if 89 for wednesday. showers and thunderstorms. again not the soaking we need, but we take what we can get at temperatures start to cool down this weekend. in the low 80s. so closer to the averages that we consider normal. >> wow, tomorrow show. thank you. the giant welcome back a popular player today. >> fireworks accident can't
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a lot going on with the mets. here is steve with that and more. >> yeah. but it's always entertaining with the mets. matt harvey this weekend reaffirmed his commitment to crisis averted. now they need make it there. today a crucial series with the second place nationals. a 3-0 lead always helps. in that spot. the third from cespedes. 31 home runs on the season. but all that work was erased with one swing of the bat. the new met killer. slam. the nationals take a 5-3 lead. start. jon niese surrendered a five frame. back come the mets. 5-5 in the seventh. the captain is slouch. day.
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that was one very big hit because it gave the mets the lead again and it keyed a very big inning. cespedes comes through again. he has the second most extra base hits in the league. the mets win. 8-5 the final. their lead in the east is now back to five games. the yankees are playing really good baseball right now. but they are only keeping pace with the blue jays team that had won 25 of 32. though today the blue jays lost providing the yankees a rare opportunity to make up a little ground. and it would take some come from behind baseball to do it. one of the reasons they are in the playoff bid is that guy right there. alex rodriguez. bringing the yankees to within one. the yankees recently have the knack for the comeback games. three homers today. rookie greg bird. made the loss of mark teixiera
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less painful. the yankees win 8-6. they sit just a game and a half back -- or a half game back of toronto. jason pierre-paul is back with the giants. he returned to the complex today to take a physical. when asked if he could play in the season opener coach coughlin refused to rule him out. shocking injury story of the month. geno smith talked to reporters for the first same since suffering a broken jaw. he will not file charges against ik. and you bet you can't name the best men's player in tennis. john isner. a five set thriller dodd. he goes down in four sets to stan wawrinka. reaching the quarter finals for the fourth straight quote.
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a marathon match in women's. minutes. night. >> tomorrow. >> thanks. back after this. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment.
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ahead of hillary clinton in a key bat ground state. plus, what's next for thousands of migrants arriving in germany hoping for a new life? coming up on the "cbs evening
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news" with scott pelley. coming up tonight on cbs 2news at len, accidentally shot and killed by a police officer. and it was all caught on surveillance video. the victim's family says they still have not seen justice three years later. also tonight at 11 stephen colbert gets competitive with a presidental candidate. those stories and more when we see you on cbs2 news at 11:00. up next on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, the minnesota dentist who sparked global outrage when he killed cecil the lion reemerges. thank you for joining us at six. we hope you have a safe labor day and nice evening.


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